About Us

The Active Lifestyle

Grüv CBD is an active lifestyle brand with roots on the West Coast. We started our company to help other people smash their goals in a natural way, avoiding the use of artificial pain remedies. Whether you enjoy surfing, skiing, snowboarding, combat sports, Crossfit, or any activity where your body takes a beating, Grüv CBD is there for you in every situation you might encounter!

Tyler Holland


Tyler Holland began his career in the United States Marine Corps where he honorably lead Marines in his chosen MOS. After his length of service, he then went on to pursue a bachelor of science in Agriculture at the University of Arizona. Upon graduation, Tyler went on to help companies in the cannabis industry develop higher yielding crops whilst simultaneously developing their technological infrastructure. He currently generates data analytics for an engineering firm that holds business with several fortune 500 companies.

Peter Rachwalski


Rooted in Chicago, Pete achieved his Bachelors Degree in Law Enforcement and Justice Administration. Upon graduation, he was hired by a medical devices company where he continues to work on the Contracts Team. He enjoys all things active, which include but aren’t limited to: running, hiking, working out, hooping, longboarding and snowboarding. The medical benefits derived from hemp have inspired him to enter this industry, as western medicine has proven to not always be the best and healthiest answer.