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Find Your Grüv

Grüv CBD is aimed to elevate your personal goals. We provide top tier cannabidiol with no pesticides or toxic ingredients. Veteran owned and operated in the United States.

Wake up, Grind, Repeat

Tincture 500 mg

For any occasion, ideal for a person on the go or those that want flexible dosing. Our tinctures come in full spectrum. All made right here in the United States.

CBD Capsules

Perfect for those with a regular supplement regimen. Add these capsules in every day with your fish oils, magnesium, and other vitamins and minerals, to maximize your bodies ability to fight inflammation from all of life’s events!

CBD Pet Treats

Even our cherished furry buddies have pains and aches. Grüv CBD is perfect for animals experiencing pain or have anxiety.

Tincture 5000 mg

This tincture is meant for high dosage applications. Our tinctures come in full spectrum. All made right here in the United States. 

CBD Vape Tinctures

Our Vape community is loving Gruvi Berry! Flavor full and perfect amount of CBD to back, 1500mg of CBD. 

CBD Gummies

With any daily regiment of vitamins and minerals, our gummies are the perfect pairing to help achieve your goals. 

So, what's the difference?

CBD oil and capsules are great for the athletic individual who is constantly on the go or the individual who suffers from ailments like inflammation or anxiety! Grüv aims to provide no pesticides in our products, ensuring top tier quality.

Why Grüv CBD?

We are passionate about a healthy active lifestyle. Grüv CBD comes from wholesome, real people who are focused on quality over quantity. Whether you are looking for a post workout addition to your protein drink, or you’re someone battling chronic pain. We are here to help you find your Grüv and tackle the day. 



Been using the product for about a month now for aches and pains. Lower back and hips are feeling great. I have noticed an overall calming feel that has helped with anxiety. I have never had any issues with sleep but have noticed a deeper sleep with the product. I will continue to buy and recommend.
I’ve been using these capsules for a few months now and I feel absolutely incredible. My knees and arthritis have never felt so relieved in months. My body wakes up everyday calm and relaxed. These capsules are a life changer and I highly recommended them.

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